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Cummins Diesel Engine 4BTA3.9 for Industry

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Min. Order: 1 Piece
Port: Shanghai, China
Production Capacity: 200 Units/Week
Payment Terms: T/T

Basic Info.

Model NO.:4BTA3.9
Ignition Mode:Compression-Ignition
Speed:High Speed
Cooling Cylinder:Water-Cooled
Intake Pressure Impulse:Supercharged
Piston Movement:Reciprocating
Number of Strokes:Four-Stroke
Cylinder Arrangement Form:L
Number of Cylinders:4-Cylinder
Type:Combustion Engine
Transport Package:Wooden Box
HS Code:840810000

Product Description

Cummins Diesel Engine 4BTA3.9 for Industry
cummins engine 4BTAA3.9-C115 4BTAA3.9-C125 4BTAA3.9-C130 for construction machinery
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 4BTAA3.9-C80 4BTAA3.9-C100 4BTAA3.9-C110 for power unit
cummins engine 6ltaa8.9-c340 6ltaa8.9-c360 for stationary power unit or water pump
cummins engine 6ltaa8.9-c295 6ltaa8.9-c300 6ltaa8.9-c325 for industrial machine
cummins engine 6ltaa8.9-c220 6ltaa8.9-c240 6ltaa8.9-c260 for construction machinery
cummins engine 6ct8.3 6ctaa8.3-c230 for construction machine
cummins 6cta8.3-c240 6cta8.3-c260 engine for stationary power unit
cummins engine 6cta8.3-c205 6cta8.3-c230 for water pump
cummins engine 6cta8.3-c215 6ctaa8.3-c215 for industrial machine or water pump unit
cummins diesel engine 6cta8.3-c195 6ctaa8.3-c195 for water pump or stationary power unit
cummins diesel engine 6cta8.3-c175 6cta8.3-c180 for construction or stationary power unit
cummins diesel engine 6cta8.3 6cta8.3-c195 for water pump
cummins diesel engine 6bta5.9-c180 for water pump or stationary power unit
cummins engine 6bta5.9-c170 6bta5.9-c175 for construction or industrial machine
cummins engine 6bta5.9-c160 6bta5.9-c165 for construction or industrial machine
cummins 6bta5.9-c150 6bta5.9-c155 diesel engine for construction or industrial machinery
shanghai stong diesel engine co., ltd
brand engine model power/speed (kw/rpm) torque/speed (n. m/rpm)
cummins diesel engine 4bt3.9-c80 60/2000 330/1500
cummins diesel engine 4bt3.9-c100 75/2400 330/1500
cummins diesel engine 4bt3.9-c105 77/2800 330/1500
cummins diesel engine 4bta3.9-c80 60/2200 380/1500
cummins diesel engine 4bt3.9-c100 74/2200 410/1500
cummins diesel engine 4bta3.9-c110 82/2200 330/1500
cummins diesel engine 4bta3.9-c125 93/2200 475/1500
cummins diesel engine 4bta3.9-c130 97/2500 475/1500
cummins diesel engine 4btaa3.9-c115 85/2000 615/1500
cummins diesel engine 4btaa3.9-c125 93/2200 475/1500
cummins diesel engine 6bt5.9-c115 85/2000 430/1500
cummins diesel engine 6bt5.9-c120 87/2200 436/1500
cummins diesel engine 6bt5.9-c125 92/2200 500/500
cummins diesel engine 6bt5.9-c130 97/2200 560/1500
cummins diesel engine 6bt5.9-c130 97/2200 560/1500
cummins diesel engine 6btaa5.9-c130 97/2200 580/1500
cummins diesel engine 6bt5.9-c135 100/2000 570/1500
cummins diesel engine 6bt5.9-c150 110/2300 560/1500
cummins diesel engine 6bta5.9-c150 112/1800 630/1400
cummins diesel engine 6bta5.9-c150 112/2200 655/1400
cummins diesel engine 6bta5.9-c155 114/2000 637/1500
cummins diesel engine 6btaa5.9-c160 118/2200 670/1500
cummins diesel engine 6bta5.9-c165 123/2200 694/1500
cummins diesel engine 6bta5.9-c170 125/2300 630/1400
cummins diesel engine 6bta5.9-c175 128/2100 680/1500
cummins diesel engine 6bta5.9-c180 132/2200 750/1300
cummins diesel engine 6bta5.9-c180 132/2500 630/1500
cummins diesel engine 6btaa5.9-c180 132/2200 770/1500
cummins diesel engine 6cta8.3-c145 105/1900 674/1400
cummins diesel engine 6cta8.3-c175 128/1850 820/1100
cummins diesel engine 6cta8.3-c180 131/2000 837/1400
cummins diesel engine 6cta8.3-c195 145/1900 820/1500
cummins diesel engine 6cta8.3-c215 160/2200 908/1500
cummins diesel engine 6cta8.3-c212 158/2200 908/1500
cummins diesel engine 6cta8.3-c215 () 160/2200 905/1500
cummins diesel engine 6ctaa8.3-c215 160/2200 980/1500
cummins diesel engine 6cta8.3-c205 151/1850 900/1400
cummins diesel engine 6cta8.3-c230 172/2200 1000/1500
cummins diesel engine 6cta8.3-c240 178/2200 1028/1500
cummins diesel engine 6cta8.3-c260 194/2200 1135/1500
cummins diesel engine 6ltaa8.9-c220 164/2200 930/1500
cummins diesel engine 6ltaa8.9-c300 221/2200 1230/1500
cummins diesel engine 6ltaa8.9-c325 239/2200 1250/1500
cummins diesel engine 6ltaa8.9-c340 250/2200 1380/1500
cummins diesel engine 6ltaa8.9-c360 264/2200 1480/1500

Brand Model Power/speed (kw/rpm) Max torque N.m /r/min
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 4BTA3.9-C80 60/2200 350/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 4BTA3.9-C100 74/2200 410/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 4BTA3.9-C110 82/2200 460/1400
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 4BTA3.9-C120 90/2400 480/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 4BTA3.9-C125 93/2200 475/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 4BTA3.9-C130 97/2500 475/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6BTA5.9-C125 92/2000 540/1400
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6BTA5.9-C130 97/2200 560/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6BTA5.9-C150 112/1800 630/1400
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6BTA5.9-C150 112/2200 655/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6BTA5.9-C155 114/2000 625/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6BTA5.9-C165 123/2200 694/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6BTA5.9-C170 125/2300 630/1400
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6BTA5.9-C170 127/2000 710/1300
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6BTA5.9-C170 125/2000 730/1300
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6BTA5.9-C175 128/2100 680/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6BTA5.9-C180 132/2200 750/1300
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6BTA5.9-C180 132/2500 630/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 4BTAA3.9-C80 60/2200 370/1300
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 4BTAA3.9-C100 74/2200 400/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 4BTAA3.9-C110 82/2200 480/1400
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 4BTAA3.9-C115 85/2200 530/1400
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 4BTAA3.9-C115 85/2200 525/1300
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 4BTAA3.9-C125 93/2200 475/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 4BTAA3.9-C130 97/2500 510/1400
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6BTAA5.9-C130 97/2200 580/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6BTAA5.9-C150 110/1950 718/1200
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6BTAA5.9-C150 110/1950 706/1200
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6BTAA5.9-C160 118/2200 670/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6BTAA5.9-C180 132/2200 770/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6BTAA5.9-C190 142/2200 800/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6BTAA5.9-C195 146/1950 960/1300
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6BTAA5.9-C205 151/2000 870/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6CTA8.3-C145 108/1900 672/1300
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6CTA8.3-C195 145/1900 820/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6CTA8.3-C205 151/1850 900/1400
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6CTA8.3-C212 158/2200 908/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6CTA8.3-C215 160/2200 908/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6CTA8.3-C230 170/1850 1000/1400
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6CTA8.3-C230 172/2200 1000/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6CTA8.3-C240 179/2200 1028/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6CTA8.3-C260 194/2200 1135/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6CTAA8.3-C195 146/1950 960/1300
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6CTAA8.3-C215 160/2200 980/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6CTAA8.3-C230 164/1950 1100/1300
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6LTAA8.9-C220 164/2200 950/1400
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6LTAA8.9-C220 164/2000 980/1300
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6LTAA8.9-C240 179/2200 1120/1400
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6LTAA8.9-C260 194/2200 1240/1200
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6LTAA8.9-C295 220/2100 1350/1400
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6LTAA8.9-C300 225/2000 1230/1400
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6LTAA8.9-C325 239/2200 1230/1400
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6LTAA8.9-C325 239/2200 1250/1400
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6LTAA8.9-C340 250/2200 1380/1400
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6LTAA8.9-C360 264/2200 1480/1400

cummins 4bta3.9  6bta5.9 6cta8.3 6ltaa8.9 series engine for construction application
cummins industrial engineengine modeladvertised power/speed
peak torque/speed
cummins industrial engine4bt3.9-c8060/2000330/1500
cummins industrial engine4bt3.9-c10075/2400330/1500
cummins industrial engine4bt3.9-c10577/2800330/1500
cummins industrial engine4bta3.9-c8060/2200380/1500
cummins industrial engine4bta3.9-c10074/2200410/1500
cummins industrial engine4bta3.9-c11082/2200330/1500
cummins industrial engine4bta3.9-c12593/2200475/1500
cummins industrial engine4bta3.9-c13097/2500475/1500
cummins industrial engine4btaa3.9-c11585/2000615/1500
cummins industrial engine4btaa3.9-c12593/2200475/1500
cummins industrial engine6bt5.9-c11585/2000430/1500
cummins industrial engine6bt5.9-c12087/2200436/1500
cummins industrial engine6bt5.9-c12592/2200500/500
cummins industrial engine6bt5.9-c13097/2200560/1500
cummins industrial engine6bt5.9-c13097/2200560/1500
cummins industrial engine6btaa5.9-c13097/2200580/1500
cummins industrial engine6bt5.9-c135100/2000570/1500
cummins industrial engine6bt5.9-c150110/2300560/1500
cummins industrial engine6bta5.9-c150112/1800630/1400
cummins industrial engine6bta5.9-c150112/2200655/1400
cummins industrial engine6bta5.9-c155114/2000637/1500
cummins industrial engine6btaa5.9-c160118/2200670/1500
cummins industrial engine6bta5.9-c165123/2200694/1500
cummins industrial engine6bta5.9-c170125/2300630/1400
cummins industrial engine6bta5.9-c175128/2100680/1500
cummins industrial engine6bta5.9-c180132/2200750/1300
cummins industrial engine6bta5.9-c180132/2500630/1500
cummins industrial engine6btaa5.9-c180132/2200770/1500
cummins industrial engine6cta8.3-c145105/1900674/1400
cummins industrial engine6cta8.3-c175128/1850820/1100
cummins industrial engine6cta8.3-c180131/2000837/1400
cummins industrial engine6cta8.3-c195145/1900820/1500
cummins industrial engine6cta8.3-c215160/2200908/1500
cummins industrial engine6cta8.3-c212158/2200908/1500
cummins industrial engine6cta8.3-c215 ( )160/2200905/1500
cummins industrial engine6ctaa8.3-c215160/2200980/1500
cummins industrial engine6cta8.3-c205151/1850900/1400
cummins industrial engine6cta8.3-c230172/22001000/1500
cummins industrial engine6cta8.3-c240178/22001028/1500
cummins industrial engine6cta8.3-c260194/22001135/1500
cummins diesel engine6ltaa8.9-c220164/2200930/1500
cummins diesel engine6ltaa8.9-c300221/22001230/1500
cummins diesel engine6ltaa8.9-c325239/22001250/1500
cummins diesel engine6ltaa8.9-c340250/22001380/1500
cummins diesel engine6ltaa8.9-c360264/22001480/1500
brandmodelpower/speed (kw/rpm)max torque n.m /r/min
cummins diesel engine4bta3.9-c8060/2200350/1500
cummins diesel engine4bta3.9-c10074/2200410/1500
cummins diesel engine4bta3.9-c11082/2200460/1400
cummins diesel engine4bta3.9-c12090/2400480/1500
cummins diesel engine4bta3.9-c12593/2200475/1500
cummins diesel engine4bta3.9-c13097/2500475/1500
cummins diesel engine6bta5.9-c12592/2000540/1400
cummins diesel engine6bta5.9-c13097/2200560/1500
cummins diesel engine6bta5.9-c150112/1800630/1400
cummins diesel engine6bta5.9-c150112/2200655/1500
cummins diesel engine6bta5.9-c155114/2000625/1500
cummins diesel engine6bta5.9-c165123/2200694/1500
cummins diesel engine6bta5.9-c170125/2300630/1400
cummins diesel engine6bta5.9-c170127/2000710/1300
cummins diesel engine6bta5.9-c170125/2000730/1300
cummins diesel engine6bta5.9-c175128/2100680/1500
cummins diesel engine6bta5.9-c180132/2200750/1300
cummins diesel engine6bta5.9-c180132/2500630/1500
cummins diesel engine4btaa3.9-c8060/2200370/1300
cummins diesel engine4btaa3.9-c10074/2200400/1500
cummins diesel engine4btaa3.9-c11082/2200480/1400
cummins diesel engine4btaa3.9-c11585/2200530/1400
cummins diesel engine4btaa3.9-c11585/2200525/1300
cummins diesel engine4btaa3.9-c12593/2200475/1500
cummins diesel engine4btaa3.9-c13097/2500510/1400
cummins diesel engine6btaa5.9-c13097/2200580/1500
cummins diesel engine6btaa5.9-c150110/1950718/1200
cummins diesel engine6btaa5.9-c150110/1950706/1200
cummins diesel engine6btaa5.9-c160118/2200670/1500
cummins diesel engine6btaa5.9-c180132/2200770/1500
cummins diesel engine6btaa5.9-c190142/2200800/1500
cummins diesel engine6btaa5.9-c195146/1950960/1300
cummins diesel engine6btaa5.9-c205151/2000870/1500
cummins diesel engine6cta8.3-c145108/1900672/1300
cummins diesel engine6cta8.3-c195145/1900820/1500
cummins diesel engine6cta8.3-c205151/1850900/1400
cummins diesel engine6cta8.3-c212158/2200908/1500
cummins diesel engine6cta8.3-c215160/2200908/1500
cummins diesel engine6cta8.3-c230170/18501000/1400
cummins diesel engine6cta8.3-c230172/22001000/1500
cummins diesel engine6cta8.3-c240179/22001028/1500
cummins diesel engine6cta8.3-c260194/22001135/1500
cummins diesel engine6ctaa8.3-c195146/1950960/1300
cummins diesel engine6ctaa8.3-c215160/2200980/1500
cummins diesel engine6ctaa8.3-c230164/19501100/1300
cummins diesel engine6ltaa8.9-c220164/2200950/1400
cummins diesel engine6ltaa8.9-c220164/2000980/1300
cummins diesel engine6ltaa8.9-c240179/22001120/1400
cummins diesel engine6ltaa8.9-c260194/22001240/1200
cummins diesel engine6ltaa8.9-c295220/21001350/1400
cummins diesel engine6ltaa8.9-c300225/20001230/1400
cummins diesel engine6ltaa8.9-c325239/22001230/1400
cummins diesel engine6ltaa8.9-c325239/22001250/1400
cummins diesel engine6ltaa8.9-c340250/22001380/1400
cummins diesel engine6ltaa8.9-c360264/22001480/1400

Cummins Diesel Engine 4BTA3.9 for IndustryCummins Diesel Engine 4BTA3.9 for IndustryCummins Diesel Engine 4BTA3.9 for IndustryCummins Diesel Engine 4BTA3.9 for IndustryCummins Diesel Engine 4BTA3.9 for IndustryCummins Diesel Engine 4BTA3.9 for Industry
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