Shanghai Stone Diesel Engine Co., Ltd.

Filter, Air Filter Element, Air Cleaner manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Fleetguard Air Filter, Cummins Nt855-M240 Nt855-M270 Nt855-M300 Diesel Engine with Marine Gearbox, Cummins Diesel Engine 4bta3.9 With Radiator for Construciton and so on.

Fleetguard Air Filter

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Basic Info.

Type:Fuel Filter
Structure:Filter Element/Assy

Product Description

Shanghai STONE DIESEL ENGINE Co., Ltd CAN SUPPLY FLEETGUARD FILTER. All of these fleetguard filter are made in China by Shanghai Fleetguard Filter Co., Ltd. It was established as a joint venture in 1994 between Cummins Filtration Inc. And DONGFENG Motor Corporation with a total investment of 15 million US dollars. The Shanghai Fleetguard product lines cover a wide variety of applications and markets, including automotive, construction machinery, marine and power generation. Besides the domestic market, we also export our products to America, Europe, Japan, Australia etc.

1012B10-001 1012B10-010 1156001-Z2401Z 1156001-Z2401Z
1012D-010-A2 1012D-010-A2 1156Z60C-010 1156Z60C-010
1012D5-010 1012D5-010 1156ZC1-010 1156ZC1-010
1017010-29DF 1017010-29D
1017C-010-A2 1017C-010-A2 1109D14A-001-B2 1109D14A-010-B2
1017D5-010 1017D5-010 1109F57D 1109F57D-010
1017G-010 1017G-010 1109F78-010 1109F78-010
A028X220 1109F82-001 1109F82-010
H002 3410ZB1-030 1109F82A-001 1109F82A-010
L052-001 D5010477645 1109N-010Z 1109N-010Z
L052-200-DF D5001858001 1109N46A-001 1109N46A-010
L100 1017011-29DF 1109N85-010 1109N85-010
LF16001-B-AM 15274 DT100 1109Q58-010 1109Q58-010
LF16008-AM 1012010-29D 1109QB31-001 1109QB31-010
LF16009-AM 1118101F-DK 1109R85A 1109R85A-010
LF16012-B-AM 1012010-X2 1109SW10 1109SW10-010
LF16013-B-AM 1012010-D6/JX1023 1109SW13 1109SW13-010
LF16015-001 4897898 1109SW2-001-A 1109SW2-010-A
LF16034-B-AM 4900378 1109V51-010 1109V51-010
LF16040-B-AM 1118080-D6 1109V67-001 1109V67-010
LF16047 15208 43G00 1109Z24F-010 1109Z24F-010
LF16107-AM 1012010-F51Q 1109Z36E 1109Z36E-010
LF16112 JX0813/186-1012000 1109Z38G-010 1109Z38G-010
LF16116 16510-82703 1109Z38H-010-S 1109Z38H-010-S
LF16118-B-AM JX1008A 1109Z45-A 1109Z45-010-A
LF16119-B-AM JX0816A 1109Z48-010 1109Z48-010
LF16170-B-AM 1012010A52D 1109Z53 1109Z53-010
LF16175 D5000681013 1109Z56 1109Z56-010
LF3000-001 3318853 1109Z63E-010 1109Z63E-010
LF3325-B-AM 3310169 1109Z63F-001 1109Z63F-010
LF3345-AM 1012Q01-010 1109Z63G-010 1109Z63G-010
LF3345-B-AM 3908616 1109ZB1A-001 1109ZB1A-010
LF3349-AM 1012N-010 1109ZB3A-010-A 1109ZB3A-010
LF3349-B-AM 3908615 1109ZB6-010 1109ZB6-010
LF3349-H 3908615 1109ZC1-001 1109ZC1-010
LF3629-B-AM 15274 DT200 1109ZC1A-010 1109ZC1A-010
LF3664-AM 1109ZE1-001 1109ZE1-010
LF3713-B-AM 2471Y9014C 1109ZX38-010 1109ZX38-010
LF3715-B-AM 2474Y9037B 1109ZZ1 1109ZZ1-010
LF3716-B-AM 2474Y9052A A029B140 ACI001QQ
LF3720-AM 1012D5-020 A029J262
LF3721 B938M6714A4A A029U122 KD1109R83-010(DJ)
LF3722-AM 1017D5-020 A029U279
LF3724-AM ZQ00033380 A029Y044
LF3753-AM 1012D-030 A1016
LF3760-AM 9-88513106-2 A1018
LF3764-B-AM 1012160TA/4FD-43015 A1021 XML11091000P6F0
LF3784-AM JX0818 A1023 730402000092
LF3784-B-AM 1012010AD1 A1026 1109010-T2200
LF3812 162326 A1043 1109010-B50B0
LF670-B-AM 3889310 A1047 520 094 05 02
LF691A 1R0716 A1049
LF701-AM T64101001 A1061 1109010-T4000
LF777-B-AM 3889311 A1074
LF9001-001 3101869 A1075 16501 MB100
LF9009-SFG-AM 3401544 A1091 DZ91259190005
A1095 3103262
1105010-T0800 A1098 40C1078
1105D-010-A 1105D-010-A A110 28000-7G210
1105F5A-010 1105F5A-010 A118 16501 BT101
1117QE-010 1117QE-010 A123
1117QF18-001 1117QF18-010 A125 11M13-09001
1117V16-010 1117V16-010 A131 45 630 92 164
A028X215 A137 1109-00680
A029Z720 FF5052 A142 160940602
A030F244 A144 11N11-09001
F170-003 1105010-T0300 A194 6180C-1109010-C
FF105-B-AM 3315844 A212 1109-100-J4G
FF105D-B-AM 3315847 A225 DZ9118190230
FF202-B-AM 3313306 A270 11N01-09001
FF5052-AM 1117N-010 A275 1109-01033
FF5052-B-AM 3931063 A280 4913791-29
FF5052-H 3931063 A281 1109Z66-010
FF5135-AM T64102003 A284 1109Z38H-010
FF5264 1R0712 A285 1109A10-010
FF5292 1105QA-020 A307 1109Z38E-010
FF5293-A 1105D-020 A315 CT80A-
FF5294-B-AM ZQ00034180 A316 1109Z60C-010
FF5295 1105QM-020 A340 40C0232
FF5327-AM 1119G-030 A349 830H-1202100
FF5327-B-AM 1119G-030 A350
FF5328-AM 1117QE-020 A351 2300-1109010-B
FF5339-B-AM 9632098780
FF5377-DF 1117QF18-030 40C0228
FF5403-AM CX0710  
FF5403-B-AM K-1117000A 1109ZD2A-010
FF5459 1105C-020-B2  
FF5470-AM D5010477855  
FF5476-B-AM 16444 DT200  
FF5477-B-AM 16444 DT100 1109010-K0700
FF5484-B-AM 1117050-D6 DZ9118190070
FF5485-B-AM 4897833  
FF5488-B-AM 3959612 6118G-B420-1109010
FF5502-AM 16403-AT101 40C0269
FF5628-B-AM 1117050A52D 1154-00003
FF5688-AM G5800-1105140 1156ZC1A-010
1119G-019 1119G-019 4913975-29
1119G-020 1119G-020  
1119N-010 1119N-010 4913882-29
1119N-020 1119N-020 6116GK-1109010-002
A029H037 1125020-KE400  
A029R567 FS19922-B-AM  
A029U540 FS1282-B-AM DZ9214190100
A030A902   311109Z45Y-010
F010 1117G-010 502 094 01 02
F035 D5010505288  
F035-001A D5010505289  
F040   DZ9112190093
F040-001 0072/1103911500001 4190000453
F041 AS40523 1109010-T0100
F049 1117010-803  
F084 1119QF18-010 1154-00006
F098-003 1125010-KC100 1109-01534
F098-BS-001   400-1109010
F101-B-001   5000940002
F101-BS-001   1109ZX220-010
F106 11NA-71000  
F122-BS-001   XML1109100P6F4
F125 CX1010 40C0428
F160-001 1105010-T0801  
F170 1105030-T0102 B3.3
F170-001 1105010-T0102  DZ9214190201
F178-001 1125010-D35C0 DZ9114190943
F17900 4992118 S1109010-100XK
F186 1125020-K4300 PK6137AL1-1109010
F201-001   DZ9114190932
F207-001 1125020-T0400  
FS1000-001 3329289  
FS1003-B 4070801 1109010-KD100
FS1006-001 4095189 110-010-ND100
FS1212-010 1119ZB6-010/16400 DT000 S1109010-116X
FS1212-010-A 1119ZB6-020 B3.3
FS1212-B-AM 3315843 6150-1109050
FS1235-B-AM 4900276 11U0D-09001-A
FS1240-B-AM 3831871S  
FS1240B-B-AM   6127ACA-1109010
FS1242-B-AM   T74807009
FS1242B-B-AM   DZ9112190328
FS1242BS-B-AM   1109-02092A
FS1280-AM 1125N-010  
FS1280-B-AM 3930942  
FS1280-H 3930942  
FS1282-B 3843447 L2300D1109010J01
FS19523 1119QE-010  
FS19544-AM CX0710B  
FS19587-B-AM 4102.15.00A/CX0710B4  
FS19607-B-AM 1117040-D6  
FS19686 CX1011A/150-1105020A 1109.2D-010
FS19787 CX0712A  
FS19789 16403 BT101/1119ZD2A-030  
FS19816-B-AM   T74807011
FS19816B-B-AM   1109.6B-010
FS19822BS-B-AM   T74807012
11096B-SET2-AM 1109.6B-020/030  
1109C24-SET2 1109C24-020/030  
1109D100-SET2 1109D100-020/025/030 870-1202200
1109D5-035-AM 1109D5-035 1109Q01-010
1109F55-SET2 1109F55-020/025/030 1109E03-010-A
1109N12-SET2-AM 1109N12-020/030 1109Q37-010
1109N-SET2-AM 1109N-020/030 1109N-010
1109QF16-SET2 1109QF16-020/030  
1109QF16-SET2-A 1109QF16-020/030-A 1109N12-010
1109R65-SET2 1109R65-020/030  
1109ZB1-SET2-AM 1109ZB1-020/030 1109C-010-A
11F55-SET2 11F55-040/050 1109D-010
A029G752   1109D21-010
A029G753   1109DS5B-010
A029W009 AA2959 (AF26431/AF26432) 1109D5-010
A029Z310 AA90125 1109QA-010
A029Z547 AA90126  
A030A367   1109A-010
A030E277   1109D100-010
A101-SET2   1109QE-010
A110-SET2 281307G200  281307G210 16501 DT100
A111-SET 2813069013  
A118-SET2-AM 16546 BT101  
A131-SET2   3017002-29
A147-SET2 K2337  
A150-SET2   3021645-29
A331-SET2 K3046  
A368-020-AM 11EM-21041  
A368-030-AM 11EM-21051  
A413-SET2 K2452 3000958-29
A415-SET2 KW3052  
A455-SET2 K2337 11J01-09010
A460-SET2   1109B34-010-A
A478-020-AM 4913882-29  
A610-SET2 1109-01588  
A628-SET2 1109010-T0100  
A660-SET2 A660-020/030  
A812-SET2 A812-020/030  
A813-SET2 A813-020/030 1109Z06-010
A910-SET2 K4225 16501 DB000
A911-SET2 K2640  
A934-SET2 K2347 1109B34A-010
A937-SET   1109B34A-010-A
A943-SET2   1109Q07-010
A961-SET2 K3043 1109V60-002
A983-020   1109ZH6-010-C
A983-SET2 1109-02663 1109A06-010
AA001   11C03-09010
AA002   1109010C-D79
AA2959   16501 AT101
AA2960   1109010-AK
AF1828/AF1894M   1612511900002
AF1850-B-AM 140-2635  
AF1862M-AM T-52223  
AF1969M-B-AM 140-2464 19077-11013
AF25266-AM 1109D5-030  
AF25267-AM 1109.2D-030 1109R309-010
AF25268-AM 1109.6B-020-B 1109010-Q422
AF25269 1109.6B-030-B 1109R121-010
AF25270-AM 1109N-020  
AF25271 1109N-030  
AF25272-AM 1109C-030-B 1109F55-010
AF25273-AM 1.11E-37 1109N48-010
AF25275-SFG   1109R60-010
AF25276 1109N12-020 1109R65-010
AF25276-A    AF25277-A   1109RC-010
AF25277 1109N12-030 1109Z60-010
AF25309 1109QA-020 1109ZB1-010-B
AF25362 1109QE-020  
AF25452   4095069-29
AF25453   NCL1109SYH2-030
AF25691/AF25690   NCL1109SUH6-010
AF25738   NCL1109SYH2-020
AF25738/AF25739-A K2448  
AF25738-A    AF25739-A   11L15-09001
AF25738-C    AF25739-C K2436 11T12-09010
AF25739-A   860B-1201100S
AF25743/AF25744   850-1201100
AF25812 1109ZB1-020  
AF421M 6N6064  
AF4504M/AF1791 6001814400  6127817413  
AF4548-B-AM 3827808-29  
AF821M 6N6065  
AF851M 6N6071  
AF857-AM P115070 KD1109R83-010
AF872-B-AM 3018042-29 KD1109RZ03-010
AF872M-B-AM 3018042  
AF879M-AM P115069  
AF880-AM VJ5176  
AF883M 6N6072  
AF890/AF891M-A 3013211/3013210 1109.6B-015
AF890-B-AM 3013211  
AF891M-B-AM 3013210  
AF899M/AF880 VJ0075/VJ5176  
AF899M-AM VJ0075  
AF928M-B-AM 3022209  
AF928M-SET2 AF928M-A/A081-030 11096B-FYM
AF934-AM 9039992 1109B34A-080
AF935M/AF934 9039993/9039992 A010-080
AF935M-AM 9039993 3918206S-FYM
AF947-B-AM 140-2241 A010-080-B
AH19113-A-SET2 15043507/15043506 A010-080-BZ
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