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Diesel Engine, Cummins Engine, Engine manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Cummins Diesel Engine 4btaa3.9-C80 4btaa3.9-C100 4btaa3.9-C110 for Power Unit, Deutz Marine Diesel Engine (TBD620V16), Deutz TBD234V8 Diesel Engine For Generator and so on.

Supplier Homepage Product List cummins industry engine Cummins Diesel Engine 4btaa3.9-C80 4btaa3.9-C100 4btaa3.9-C110 for Power Unit

Cummins Diesel Engine 4btaa3.9-C80 4btaa3.9-C100 4btaa3.9-C110 for Power Unit

FOB Price:US $6,300 - 6,500 / Piece
Purchase Qty. (Pieces) FOB Price
1-4 US $6,500 / Piece
5-9 US $6,400 / Piece
10+ US $6,300 / Piece
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Min. Order: 1 Piece
Production Capacity: 200units/Week
Transport Package: Wooden Box
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, D/P

Basic Info.

Model NO.:4BTAA3.9-C80 4BTAA3.9-C100 4BTAA3.9-C110
Ignition Mode:Compression-Ignition
Speed:High Speed
Cooling Cylinder:Water-Cooled
Intake Pressure Impulse:Supercharged
Piston Movement:Reciprocating
Fuel:Diesel, Diesel Engine
Number of Strokes:Four-Stroke
Cylinder Arrangement Form:L
Number of Cylinders:Multi-Cylinder Machines
HS Code:8408100000

Product Description

CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 4BTAA3.9-C80 4BTAA3.9-C100 4BTAA3.9-C110 for power unit
cummins engine 6ltaa8.9-c340 6ltaa8.9-c360 for stationary power unit or water pump
cummins engine 6ltaa8.9-c295 6ltaa8.9-c300 6ltaa8.9-c325 for industrial machine
cummins engine 6ltaa8.9-c220 6ltaa8.9-c240 6ltaa8.9-c260 for construction machinery
cummins engine 6ct8.3 6ctaa8.3-c230 for construction machine
cummins 6cta8.3-c240 6cta8.3-c260 engine for stationary power unit
cummins engine 6cta8.3-c205 6cta8.3-c230 for water pump
cummins engine 6cta8.3-c215 6ctaa8.3-c215 for industrial machine or water pump unit
cummins diesel engine 6cta8.3-c195 6ctaa8.3-c195 for water pump or stationary power unit
cummins diesel engine 6cta8.3-c175 6cta8.3-c180 for construction or stationary power unit
cummins diesel engine 6cta8.3 6cta8.3-c195 for water pump
cummins diesel engine 6bta5.9-c180 for water pump or stationary power unit
cummins engine 6bta5.9-c170 6bta5.9-c175 for construction or industrial machine
cummins engine 6bta5.9-c160 6bta5.9-c165 for construction or industrial machine
cummins 6bta5.9-c150 6bta5.9-c155 diesel engine for construction or industrial machinery
shanghai stong diesel engine co., ltd
brand engine model power/speed (kw/rpm) torque/speed (n. m/rpm)
cummins diesel engine 4bt3.9-c80 60/2000 330/1500
cummins diesel engine 4bt3.9-c100 75/2400 330/1500
cummins diesel engine 4bt3.9-c105 77/2800 330/1500
cummins diesel engine 4bta3.9-c80 60/2200 380/1500
cummins diesel engine 4bt3.9-c100 74/2200 410/1500
cummins diesel engine 4bta3.9-c110 82/2200 330/1500
cummins diesel engine 4bta3.9-c125 93/2200 475/1500
cummins diesel engine 4bta3.9-c130 97/2500 475/1500
cummins diesel engine 4btaa3.9-c115 85/2000 615/1500
cummins diesel engine 4btaa3.9-c125 93/2200 475/1500
cummins diesel engine 6bt5.9-c115 85/2000 430/1500
cummins diesel engine 6bt5.9-c120 87/2200 436/1500
cummins diesel engine 6bt5.9-c125 92/2200 500/500
cummins diesel engine 6bt5.9-c130 97/2200 560/1500
cummins diesel engine 6bt5.9-c130 97/2200 560/1500
cummins diesel engine 6btaa5.9-c130 97/2200 580/1500
cummins diesel engine 6bt5.9-c135 100/2000 570/1500
cummins diesel engine 6bt5.9-c150 110/2300 560/1500
cummins diesel engine 6bta5.9-c150 112/1800 630/1400
cummins diesel engine 6bta5.9-c150 112/2200 655/1400
cummins diesel engine 6bta5.9-c155 114/2000 637/1500
cummins diesel engine 6btaa5.9-c160 118/2200 670/1500
cummins diesel engine 6bta5.9-c165 123/2200 694/1500
cummins diesel engine 6bta5.9-c170 125/2300 630/1400
cummins diesel engine 6bta5.9-c175 128/2100 680/1500
cummins diesel engine 6bta5.9-c180 132/2200 750/1300
cummins diesel engine 6bta5.9-c180 132/2500 630/1500
cummins diesel engine 6btaa5.9-c180 132/2200 770/1500
cummins diesel engine 6cta8.3-c145 105/1900 674/1400
cummins diesel engine 6cta8.3-c175 128/1850 820/1100
cummins diesel engine 6cta8.3-c180 131/2000 837/1400
cummins diesel engine 6cta8.3-c195 145/1900 820/1500
cummins diesel engine 6cta8.3-c215 160/2200 908/1500
cummins diesel engine 6cta8.3-c212 158/2200 908/1500
cummins diesel engine 6cta8.3-c215 () 160/2200 905/1500
cummins diesel engine 6ctaa8.3-c215 160/2200 980/1500
cummins diesel engine 6cta8.3-c205 151/1850 900/1400
cummins diesel engine 6cta8.3-c230 172/2200 1000/1500
cummins diesel engine 6cta8.3-c240 178/2200 1028/1500
cummins diesel engine 6cta8.3-c260 194/2200 1135/1500
cummins diesel engine 6ltaa8.9-c220 164/2200 930/1500
cummins diesel engine 6ltaa8.9-c300 221/2200 1230/1500
cummins diesel engine 6ltaa8.9-c325 239/2200 1250/1500
cummins diesel engine 6ltaa8.9-c340 250/2200 1380/1500
cummins diesel engine 6ltaa8.9-c360 264/2200 1480/1500

Brand Model Power/speed (kw/rpm) Max torque N.m /r/min
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 4BTA3.9-C80 60/2200 350/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 4BTA3.9-C100 74/2200 410/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 4BTA3.9-C110 82/2200 460/1400
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 4BTA3.9-C120 90/2400 480/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 4BTA3.9-C125 93/2200 475/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 4BTA3.9-C130 97/2500 475/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6BTA5.9-C125 92/2000 540/1400
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6BTA5.9-C130 97/2200 560/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6BTA5.9-C150 112/1800 630/1400
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6BTA5.9-C150 112/2200 655/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6BTA5.9-C155 114/2000 625/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6BTA5.9-C165 123/2200 694/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6BTA5.9-C170 125/2300 630/1400
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6BTA5.9-C170 127/2000 710/1300
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6BTA5.9-C170 125/2000 730/1300
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6BTA5.9-C175 128/2100 680/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6BTA5.9-C180 132/2200 750/1300
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6BTA5.9-C180 132/2500 630/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 4BTAA3.9-C80 60/2200 370/1300
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 4BTAA3.9-C100 74/2200 400/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 4BTAA3.9-C110 82/2200 480/1400
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 4BTAA3.9-C115 85/2200 530/1400
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 4BTAA3.9-C115 85/2200 525/1300
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 4BTAA3.9-C125 93/2200 475/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 4BTAA3.9-C130 97/2500 510/1400
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6BTAA5.9-C130 97/2200 580/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6BTAA5.9-C150 110/1950 718/1200
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6BTAA5.9-C150 110/1950 706/1200
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6BTAA5.9-C160 118/2200 670/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6BTAA5.9-C180 132/2200 770/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6BTAA5.9-C190 142/2200 800/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6BTAA5.9-C195 146/1950 960/1300
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6BTAA5.9-C205 151/2000 870/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6CTA8.3-C145 108/1900 672/1300
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6CTA8.3-C195 145/1900 820/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6CTA8.3-C205 151/1850 900/1400
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6CTA8.3-C212 158/2200 908/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6CTA8.3-C215 160/2200 908/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6CTA8.3-C230 170/1850 1000/1400
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6CTA8.3-C230 172/2200 1000/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6CTA8.3-C240 179/2200 1028/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6CTA8.3-C260 194/2200 1135/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6CTAA8.3-C195 146/1950 960/1300
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6CTAA8.3-C215 160/2200 980/1500
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6CTAA8.3-C230 164/1950 1100/1300
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6LTAA8.9-C220 164/2200 950/1400
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6LTAA8.9-C220 164/2000 980/1300
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6LTAA8.9-C240 179/2200 1120/1400
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6LTAA8.9-C260 194/2200 1240/1200
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6LTAA8.9-C295 220/2100 1350/1400
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6LTAA8.9-C300 225/2000 1230/1400
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6LTAA8.9-C325 239/2200 1230/1400
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6LTAA8.9-C325 239/2200 1250/1400
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6LTAA8.9-C340 250/2200 1380/1400
CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE 6LTAA8.9-C360 264/2200 1480/1400

cummins 4bta3.9  6bta5.9 6cta8.3 6ltaa8.9 series engine for construction application
cummins industrial engineengine modeladvertised power/speed
peak torque/speed
cummins industrial engine4bt3.9-c8060/2000330/1500
cummins industrial engine4bt3.9-c10075/2400330/1500
cummins industrial engine4bt3.9-c10577/2800330/1500
cummins industrial engine4bta3.9-c8060/2200380/1500
cummins industrial engine4bta3.9-c10074/2200410/1500
cummins industrial engine4bta3.9-c11082/2200330/1500
cummins industrial engine4bta3.9-c12593/2200475/1500
cummins industrial engine4bta3.9-c13097/2500475/1500
cummins industrial engine4btaa3.9-c11585/2000615/1500
cummins industrial engine4btaa3.9-c12593/2200475/1500
cummins industrial engine6bt5.9-c11585/2000430/1500
cummins industrial engine6bt5.9-c12087/2200436/1500
cummins industrial engine6bt5.9-c12592/2200500/500
cummins industrial engine6bt5.9-c13097/2200560/1500
cummins industrial engine6bt5.9-c13097/2200560/1500
cummins industrial engine6btaa5.9-c13097/2200580/1500
cummins industrial engine6bt5.9-c135100/2000570/1500
cummins industrial engine6bt5.9-c150110/2300560/1500
cummins industrial engine6bta5.9-c150112/1800630/1400
cummins industrial engine6bta5.9-c150112/2200655/1400
cummins industrial engine6bta5.9-c155114/2000637/1500
cummins industrial engine6btaa5.9-c160118/2200670/1500
cummins industrial engine6bta5.9-c165123/2200694/1500
cummins industrial engine6bta5.9-c170125/2300630/1400
cummins industrial engine6bta5.9-c175128/2100680/1500
cummins industrial engine6bta5.9-c180132/2200750/1300
cummins industrial engine6bta5.9-c180132/2500630/1500
cummins industrial engine6btaa5.9-c180132/2200770/1500
cummins industrial engine6cta8.3-c145105/1900674/1400
cummins industrial engine6cta8.3-c175128/1850820/1100
cummins industrial engine6cta8.3-c180131/2000837/1400
cummins industrial engine6cta8.3-c195145/1900820/1500
cummins industrial engine6cta8.3-c215160/2200908/1500
cummins industrial engine6cta8.3-c212158/2200908/1500
cummins industrial engine6cta8.3-c215 ( )160/2200905/1500
cummins industrial engine6ctaa8.3-c215160/2200980/1500
cummins industrial engine6cta8.3-c205151/1850900/1400
cummins industrial engine6cta8.3-c230172/22001000/1500
cummins industrial engine6cta8.3-c240178/22001028/1500
cummins industrial engine6cta8.3-c260194/22001135/1500
cummins diesel engine6ltaa8.9-c220164/2200930/1500
cummins diesel engine6ltaa8.9-c300221/22001230/1500
cummins diesel engine6ltaa8.9-c325239/22001250/1500
cummins diesel engine6ltaa8.9-c340250/22001380/1500
cummins diesel engine6ltaa8.9-c360264/22001480/1500
brandmodelpower/speed (kw/rpm)max torque n.m /r/min
cummins diesel engine4bta3.9-c8060/2200350/1500
cummins diesel engine4bta3.9-c10074/2200410/1500
cummins diesel engine4bta3.9-c11082/2200460/1400
cummins diesel engine4bta3.9-c12090/2400480/1500
cummins diesel engine4bta3.9-c12593/2200475/1500
cummins diesel engine4bta3.9-c13097/2500475/1500
cummins diesel engine6bta5.9-c12592/2000540/1400
cummins diesel engine6bta5.9-c13097/2200560/1500
cummins diesel engine6bta5.9-c150112/1800630/1400
cummins diesel engine6bta5.9-c150112/2200655/1500
cummins diesel engine6bta5.9-c155114/2000625/1500
cummins diesel engine6bta5.9-c165123/2200694/1500
cummins diesel engine6bta5.9-c170125/2300630/1400
cummins diesel engine6bta5.9-c170127/2000710/1300
cummins diesel engine6bta5.9-c170125/2000730/1300
cummins diesel engine6bta5.9-c175128/2100680/1500
cummins diesel engine6bta5.9-c180132/2200750/1300
cummins diesel engine6bta5.9-c180132/2500630/1500
cummins diesel engine4btaa3.9-c8060/2200370/1300
cummins diesel engine4btaa3.9-c10074/2200400/1500
cummins diesel engine4btaa3.9-c11082/2200480/1400
cummins diesel engine4btaa3.9-c11585/2200530/1400
cummins diesel engine4btaa3.9-c11585/2200525/1300
cummins diesel engine4btaa3.9-c12593/2200475/1500
cummins diesel engine4btaa3.9-c13097/2500510/1400
cummins diesel engine6btaa5.9-c13097/2200580/1500
cummins diesel engine6btaa5.9-c150110/1950718/1200
cummins diesel engine6btaa5.9-c150110/1950706/1200
cummins diesel engine6btaa5.9-c160118/2200670/1500
cummins diesel engine6btaa5.9-c180132/2200770/1500
cummins diesel engine6btaa5.9-c190142/2200800/1500
cummins diesel engine6btaa5.9-c195146/1950960/1300
cummins diesel engine6btaa5.9-c205151/2000870/1500
cummins diesel engine6cta8.3-c145108/1900672/1300
cummins diesel engine6cta8.3-c195145/1900820/1500
cummins diesel engine6cta8.3-c205151/1850900/1400
cummins diesel engine6cta8.3-c212158/2200908/1500
cummins diesel engine6cta8.3-c215160/2200908/1500
cummins diesel engine6cta8.3-c230170/18501000/1400
cummins diesel engine6cta8.3-c230172/22001000/1500
cummins diesel engine6cta8.3-c240179/22001028/1500
cummins diesel engine6cta8.3-c260194/22001135/1500
cummins diesel engine6ctaa8.3-c195146/1950960/1300
cummins diesel engine6ctaa8.3-c215160/2200980/1500
cummins diesel engine6ctaa8.3-c230164/19501100/1300
cummins diesel engine6ltaa8.9-c220164/2200950/1400
cummins diesel engine6ltaa8.9-c220164/2000980/1300
cummins diesel engine6ltaa8.9-c240179/22001120/1400
cummins diesel engine6ltaa8.9-c260194/22001240/1200
cummins diesel engine6ltaa8.9-c295220/21001350/1400
cummins diesel engine6ltaa8.9-c300225/20001230/1400
cummins diesel engine6ltaa8.9-c325239/22001230/1400
cummins diesel engine6ltaa8.9-c325239/22001250/1400
cummins diesel engine6ltaa8.9-c340250/22001380/1400
cummins diesel engine6ltaa8.9-c360264/22001480/1400

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